Fitting in...

There are many reasons why I wrote this series, but one topic that I wanted to explore was that of fitting in. Please don't get me wrong, saying that I've never felt like I fit in anywhere in my life is not an invitation for pity. In fact I'm learning, slowly but surely, to embrace my uniqueness and my out-of-the-box thinking. Why? Well, because some of the greatest leaders, visionaries and innovators of history were a little koo-koo. You can't change the world and make it better if you are swimming with the same school of fish everyone else is, right?

Evelyn has the same struggle in this series. She's different, she knows it and feels it in every fiber of her being. She is not even human! Yeah, its annoying at the best of times because she feels the restraints of her society and the expectations of her parents, but she also doesn't care. She is who she is and as much as she can she asserts her uniqueness. There are always bounds we have to live in, but I encourage you to celebrate every moment you can find to honor what makes you unique.

What is different about you that you love?