5 Brands Who Are Rocking at Reaching Millennials

Millennials are quickly becoming a sought-after audience for companies across all types of industry verticals. As the first digitally-savvy generation enters adulthood, they represent a market of over 80 million consumers in the US alone, poised to spend approximately $600 billion every year (according to research from Accenture).

In our earlier post on “Creating Content for the Selfie Generation,” we explored some of the trends that are driving Millennial behaviors and attitudes. Although they like taking pictures of themselves, that doesn’t mean they are selfish and vain. While they often seek out the best bargain — just like their parents do — they place serious value on corporate transparency. They care about how products are made and the impact a business has on the planet.

For marketers looking to engage this new cohort, we’ve highlighted some brands who are succeeding in meeting this fluid generation on their own turf. [more]