How to Create Content for the Selfie Generation

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How to Create Content for the Selfie Generation

Thursday January 21st


by Carly Eldridge



Millennials are an elusive marketing unicorn. They are loosely defined, but egregiously misunderstood.

Dubbed the “selfie” generation, these “digital natives” who make up 24% of the US population will be in possession of more than $1.4 trillion in spending power by 2020(according to Nielsen and Accenture). Therefore, it’s no wonder companies are grasping at straws to understand and market to Millennials.

The first step to understanding Millennials, and what drives their content consumption and buying decisions, is to throw assumptions out the window. The largest inference may be that this generation is self-absorbed and only cares about trite and meaningless fluff, fed by the latest reality TV star, but a 2014 Nielsen study reveals that Millennials, “…value authenticity and creativity, and they buy local goods made by members of their communities. They care about their families, friends and philanthropic causes.”

Step two is understanding that they have the highest “BS” detector of any generation and are not afraid to use it. As the co-founder and CEO of VICE Media, Shane Smith, succinctly put it, “Young people have been marketed to since they were babies, and they have developed this incredibly sophisticated BS detector, and the only way to circumvent that is to not BS.”