The Library Hotel

Nestled between the New York Public Library’s flagship location, and Grand Central Station, The Library Hotel is a book nerd’s paradise. The ivy and brick glad building rests on the corner of Madison Ave and 41st, in all of its neo-gothic glory, and is surrounded by the 100 bronze literary plates that line the infamous “Library Way.”

What’s fun about this hotel is the delightful lengths they take their theme. The rooms are organized based on the Dewey Decimal system. There are ten floors represented by ten Decimal categories and comprising of sixty unique rooms. For instance, the “General Knowledge” floor will have a “new media” room, while “The Arts” floor will have a “music” room. The subject assigned to the room will dictate the art and books available in that room. The hotel proudly holds over 6,000 hardcover books, stocked by one of Manhattan’s oldest bookstore, The Strand.