Hotel Gansevoort

Hotel Gansevoort

The most troubling conflict about staying at a Hotel Gansevoort property is which location to choose. The hotel chain that prides itself on being the “ultimate urban resort” has a total of four properties situated in prime locations deep within must visit getaways. Park Avenue and the Meatpacking district in New York City, the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos.

Their flagship in the Meatpacking District boasts 360-degree panoramic views of the city and most importantly, the Hudson River. With floor to ceiling windows, watching the sun cast blush and persimmon colors across the dark hues of the river as it sets, is not a wonder to miss. After being wowed by the stunning Manhattan views, one would be recalcitrant to miss the hotel’s split level, American fare restaurant The Chester. The ambiance of the restaurant fully represents the quirk and circumstance that this hotel chain is known for. The historical meatpacking feel of the wooden planks along he stairwelland white tiles dressing the walls, juxtaposed against the gigantic chandeliers, the black and white diamond floor and deep-seated quilt pressed leather booths are a veritable feast for the eyes.

Hotel Gansevoort’s Meatpacking location sets the tone for the entire chain, and like a thumbprint, not one the of the hotels is the same and can barely be compared too much to their locations. Sure, you can see how, in the case of The Chester, inspiration was drawn from the location, but the eclectic design of the New York locations are in turns amusing, fanciful and a delight to the senses. The tropical locations blend into their surroundings, so seamlessly that you nearly forget that walls and fabric exist. You are instantly one with the replenishing beauty of your environment.

The mission of Hotel Gansevoort is “to provide its own ecosystem of guest services that offer our clientele little reason to venture outside the walls of our properties, should they so desire.” They do this by partnering with other luxury service companies to provide a variety of needs to the guests. Each hotel has a full-service salon and spa, an upscale restaurant, and a nightlife option among other amenities unique to each location. While this may not stand out from other resorts, what Gansevoort does have is a delightful sense of humor in their aesthetic that presents modern luxury with a witty flair. Don’t believe me? Check out the bikini-clad pin-up girl at the bottom of their Park Avenue location’s pool; or the cabana decks and palm trees blooming in the center of the pool at Turks and Caicos; or the dollhouse themed, glass enclosed Café Provocateur at the Meatpacking location; or the wine casket paneled columns in their Dominican Republic La Cantina Wine and Cigar Cellar.

Modern luxury and resort amenities can easily be found in many hotel chains, but none are quite as titillating as what the Hotel Ganesvoort has to offer.