Heather Arabadjis

An experienced educator who has been working in the school system for 11 years, Heather Arabadjis takes the education of our next generation to the next level. Her first book, Monster Mas, teaches young children how to handle their anger in an appropriate fashion. Her next book tackles standardized test taking. It’s a subject that is often addressed but rarely at the kids’ level. Heather kindly took a moment to speak with iCandy456 and we asked her about her books, her inspiration, and her dreams for the future.

CD: Your book focuses on the challenging topic of handling one’s anger. What has been your greatest challenge that you have overcome to this day?

HA: The greatest challenge that I have had to overcome was really believing in myself and telling myself continuously that I can do this. I needed to believe that I could write a children’s book series, and have it become successful. My goal was to have children from all over the world know who I am and will learn the important messages that are in my books.