San Antonio-Written for iCandy456


Houston and Dallas are the two main cities in Texas that often get the most attention in terms of luxury, however to discount San Antonio as a viable option would be a grave error. Houston and Dallas offer a wealth of luxury experiences in a fast past metropolitan setting however, San Antonio offers its own unique experience. With San Antonio you have all of the amenities and options of a big city, fortunately because it is so spread out, you get the enchanting ambience of the country side or a smaller town.

San Antonio is surrounded by lush rolling hills and the winding Guadalupe River. Most people expect Texas to be stark and flat, but the rugged beauty of the Hill Country adds a charm all on its own. Within the Hill Country, surrounding the city, are several world class resorts that offer complete get-aways from the stressors of life. One such resort is the JW Marriott which hosts TPC Golf—two championship golf courses designed by renowned course architects Pete Dye and Greg Norman. The resort also features a large water attraction called River Buff Water Experience, hiking trails, an outdoor nature program, and the Lantana Spa—whose treatments are inspired by the natural herbs used by the Curanderos who once cultivated the land.

Another hotel and spa of luxury note is the Eilan that is attached to one of the best shopping hot spots in the city, La Cantera. Eilan pleases with modern Spanish-style architecture, attention and care is shown in the details of each room’s warm and inviting aesthetic, and the spa offers extravagant pampering that is sure to relieve the tensest of muscles. In the midst of these delightful amenities, the luxury doesn’t stop there. The hotel’s restaurant, Sustenio, was developed by celebrity chef Stephan Pyles and is inspired by his collaboration with the restaurant’s new Executive Chef, Mike Collins. The world class modern Mediterranean Cuisine is heavily influenced by Texan fare and is a regular hot spot. The hotel and restaurant are surrounded by a shopping development called La Cantera where you can find your upscale favorites like Tiffany & Co., Coach, Burberry, and CH by Carolina Herrera—to name a few.

If you are looking to spend the day cruising the winding roads of the Hill Country in style, but left your Ferrari at home, don’t worry. Red Line Exotic Car Rental is available to set the situation right. The San Antonio company has a fleet that includes Ferrari, top line BMWs, Land Rover, and Porsche, just to name a few. If you set up a reservation then they will provide the perfect luxury vehicle for whatever adventures your stay requires.
San Antonio has ample luxury to suit the needs of larger-than-life Texas, from fine dining, to exquisite shopping. What sets the city apart is the ability to enjoy the luxury in a relaxing environment. Now that’s the good life.

- Carly Drake

Photo By Corey Leopold